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The Windsor Woman's Club of CT and GFWC is a member of the General Federation of Women's Club of Connecticut (GFWC/CT) and the General Federation of Women's Clubs (GFWC). (Please use these links to checkout the State and International websites).


The GFWC Windsor Woman's Club meets the second Tuesday of the month, September through May, at L.P. Wilson Community Center, located at 599 Matianuck Ave., Windsor, CT., from 6:30pm-9:00pm.


The GFWC Windsor Woman's Club, (whose symbol is the pineapple), was founded and federated in 1963, and is part of the General Federation of Women's Clubs (, as well as the General Federation of Women's Clubs of Connecticut ( The GFWC, begin in New York in 1890, and is an organization dedicated to community improvement through volunteering. 


For club more information, please call 860-658-4021


Officers for the 2018-2019 club year are:  


Alice Schoenrick - President

Vice President - Sue Ellen Hewitt

Pat Mearkle - Secretary 

Barbara Zawrotny - Treasurer    



Great fun at the annual Holiday Party at the Skyline!



7 of us gathered to decorate our club’s tree at the Enfield Square Mall for the Tree-Mendous Holiday Celebration.
Be sure to visit and vote for our tree!!



Monthly Newsletter






 The Windsor Woman’s Club                

                               Of Connecticut and GFWC


        Facts and Fancies December  2018

            President’s Message         


Hello Ladies,


I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend filled with family, friends and great food. I know I did! Many blessings to be thankful for.  Now we turn our time and energy to the busy holiday season.  


The deadline for signing up for the Holiday Party at the Skyline Restaurant is looming.  December 5th is the last day to sign up.  If the reason you haven’t signed up is that you can’t, or don’t like to, drive at night, please let me know and we’ll find someone nearby who will be happy to pick you up.  Don’t let that stop you from joining in the festivities.  If you are a new member, don’t hesitate.  This is a wonderful opportunity to spend some time on a more intimate level with the lovely ladies of the Club. We want you to be with us.  The form is included in this newsletter.  Please come!


We’ve had a very successful year so far with fun meetings, 7 new members. Looking forward to the rest of the year.


Also, please remember to turn in your committee reports and volunteer forms to Mary Vaca this month so that she can compile our annual report to GFWC/CT in January. Remember that your activities during the calendar year 2018 should be included.


Now as this year ends, I want to wish all of you and your families a fine holiday season, I want to thank you for all you have done, and hope you all have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.  It is a privilege to serve as your President.



Alice Schoenrock, President                                                                                             



           Member News         





Happy Birthday





Gay Healy 2

Elizabeth McAuliffe 7

Ellie Landry 17

Barbara Zawrotny 18

Dona Cirillo 23








            Social Committee – Maureen Andryuk – 860-285-8685   

 December 2, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. – Wood Memorial Library located at 783 Main Street, South Windsor is having its annual Gingerbread House Festival.  The Library will have an interesting display of houses which will get us into the holiday mood.  We will have the sign-up sheets at the November meeting.  Admission is free.

SAVE THE DATE!   Save January 15th, 2019 for lunch with club members.  Details will follow in the January Newsletter


Baby Hats!                                              


Next week I will be delivering these 92 baby hats to Hartford Hospital.  These hats were completed from January thru November of this year by seven members of our club.  Thank you all for your support, and keep knitting.  Kathy Sevenoff

                        Arts & Crafts                               

ARTS AND CRAFTS Jean Keating, Chairman 860-285-0406

 We had lots of busy hands working to prepare the club’s Gingerbread themed holiday tree for the “Tree”-mendous Holiday Celebration. We delivered and decorated our tree Saturday, November 10. 

 You are cordially invited to attend the annual “Tree”-mendous Holiday Celebration from November 23 to December 9. It will be held for three (3) weekends: Thursdays/Fridays 3-8pm, Saturdays 11am to 8pm and Sundays 11am to 6pm, at the Enfield Square Shopping Mall. There is ample parking and admission is free. At the former Christopher and Banks Store you will find an amazing display of decorated trees and wreaths to put you into the holiday spirit. This gala event is sponsored by the Woman’s Club of Enfield and the Enfield Food Shelf.

All trees and wreaths will be raffled off. If you see a tree and/or wreath that you would really like to have (and we hope the tree is ours) you can buy raffle tickets and place them in the appropriate containers for the trees/wreaths of your choice. There will also be a 50/50 Raffle which is always a very big attraction. Wouldn’t you like to be the winner of a few extra hundred dollars just before Christmas!  

The Woman’s Club of Windsor looks forward to your support and we hope you will come and vote for our tree with its delightful gingerbread cookie ornaments mounted on a candy cane, hand-crocheted snowflakes, glittering red beaded garlands, adorable little gingerbread cookie cutters and an awesome large crocheted star at the top. The tree is 4-feet with white lights and has a beautiful handmade tree skirt made by Sue Ellen. There are gifts under the tree, too. A basket filled with a cookie sheet, cookie cutter, cookie turner, wooden spoons, rubber spatula, mixing bowl, measuring cups, measuring spoons, napkins, A Taste of Home Christmas Book and a Gingerbread Man Golden Book.  Also, there are Whimsical Santa luncheon plates and mugs in matching tins – 4 of each. 

My sincere thanks are extended to the Windsor Woman’s Club Arts and Crafts Committee and Helpers who gave so graciously of their time and talent to this fabulous endeavor. What a great team! JOB WELL DONE, LADIES!! 

The Team: Isabel Almeida, Val Champagne, Barbara Denker, Muff Fowler, Jean Keating, Ellie Landry, Phylis Jezyk, Pat Mearkle, Alice Schoenrock; Sue Ellen Hewitt and Marylee Haberman.


Please check out our website at

If you don’t want to type all that, just google Windsor Woman’s Club of Connecticut and you will see our website come up as a choice.

Community Service             


Christina Wilson.      860-246-1552

Thank you, ladies, for your generosity this year.  See you in January. 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




 SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE             Mary Crehan-Vaca (860) 683-0347


It is once again time to seek applications for the GFWC/CT Memorial Scholarships. The applications are obtained online via the GFWC/CT website, however, the completed forms, letters of recommendation, and transcripts are sent to Mary Crehan-Vaca, 50 Ashley Road, Windsor CT, 06095. The committee reviews the application and sends one completed application to the Connecticut Scholarship Chairman. Then we wait until the winner is announced at the May Convention. The requirements follow:


Phipps Scholarship Candidates must have completed two or more years of undergraduate work matriculating for a Bachelor's degree or a post graduate degree with a 3.0 grade point average or better.


Candidates for the Schoelzel Scholarship must have completed three or more years of undergraduate work in an accredited institution of higher learning with a 3.0 grade point average or better. This scholarship is intended for those matriculating for a Bachelor's degree in the field of education.


Scholarships are not granted for current or prior years. The student must be in college or graduate school in the fall of 2019.





       Veteran’s Affairs          


Barbara Tolve-Silver


Thanks to everyone for a fantastic sale of African handicrafts. American Friends of Kenya was excited to receive $ 380 to pay toward shipping books, school supplies, and medical supplies.

Veterans Collection
I am, as I write this notice, totaling up the donations we received before heading to Rocky Hill to hand them over to Judy Barnes. WOW! We doubled our contributions from last year and are sending $1797 worth of needed items and a check. I’m sure this will help provide a happier holiday, knowing that we have not forgotten and are grateful to our heroes.




Five new members were installed at the November meeting.  Welcome!!





Please change the dates under Executive Board Meetings and Hospitality to read 2018-2019.  The data under the dates is current, just the dates are wrong.




SAVE THE DATE!  April 27, 2019 

TIME: 6:00 to 9:00 PM

WHERE: St. Gabriel’s Parish Hall





Windsor woman’s club annual




WWC TAG SALE    Maureen Fernandes  --  860-490-6385


Ladies the Tag Sale is one of our biggest fund raisers of the year. We need to all pitch in to help make it happen. We will need helpers for the kitchen, the bake sale and the club table. I will have sign-up sheets at the December meeting (Holiday Party) and at the January meeting.

We also need you to look in your house and see what you can donate to the  Club table. That means gathering good saleable items. No clothes, stuffed animals, knives or weapons of any sort, not even a toy. If you have something electronic it must be in working order.

If you took a flyer please begin to post them. If you didn’t, PLEASE take one at the meeting. This is our greatest way to advertise and we owe it to our venders.

I’ll have more info at the meeting    




Committee members: Sharon Miller (860 - 219-1320), Sue Ellen Hewitt (860-687-9879), Sharon Weaver 860-298-8635


Below is the menu for the Holiday Dinner - we will be collecting money at the October and November meetings - all money must be in by December 5th Committee.











WWC REPORT TO GFWC FOR 2018                        Mary Crehan-Vaca  (860) 683-0347


The time for each club in GFWC to report volunteer hours for sanctioned (listed in your Red Book) activities or events, money donated or raised, or in-kind donations and their monetary value (eg. food for the Windsor Food Bank, items donated to the Veterans at Rocky Hill, etc.).  The report forms are to be filled out by the chairmen of each committee, upon completion of the event, fundraiser, or activity. Sanctioned volunteer hours that have no chairman should be reported by those volunteering (e.g. Windsor Art Center, Windsor Historical Society, Airport Ambassadors, Weekend Backpacks.......)


Although the Club year runs September to may, the reports cover the calendar year, January 1 to December 31. So, if you were a chairman or volunteered without a leader and have not already sent me your report, I need your info by January 7,2019. You can email, snail mail or call me, I look forward to being impressed again!



Club project :___________________________________________________________




Project Chairman: _______________________________________________________


Why this project was chosen & who did it help:





Any outside organizations involved: _____________________________________________________


How many members participated:_______________________________________________________


Total hours :_______________


In-kind donations (monetary value for goods provided to the project . has an In Kind donation

guide under Resources, I, In Kind ): ________________________________________________________


Dollars Donated (monetary amount given to the project):_________________


Narrative describing Project (why this project was great and a winner) :